Phlox Creeping Emerald Pink

#1 Phlox Creeping Emerald Pink

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Latin Name: Phlox subulata 'Emerald Pink'

Height: 4 - 6 inches

Spread: 10 - 12 inches

Sunlight: Full Sun; Part Sun

Bloom Time: April to May

Hardiness Zone: 2-9


Emerald Pink Creeping Phlox is smothered in stunning shell pink star-shaped flowers at the ends of the stems from early to late spring. The spreading low-mounding habit can be found creeping over rocks and retaining walls. Prune as needed after the flowers fade. Needle-like foliage can be evergreen in some winters. Creeping Phlox varieties are nativars. Flowers are fragrant.

Attracts: Bees; Butterflies

Other Names: Moss Phlox