4" Ficus Burgundy

4" Ficus Burgundy

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Common Name: Rubber Plant; India Rubber Tree; Rubber Fig

Scientific Name: Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’

Light: Bright, diffused light. They can tolerate soft morning sunlight but should be moved out of the line of harsh direct rays in the afternoon to prevent singed leaves

Water: Water your rubber plant frequently—they like to be kept steadily moist but not soaked. Rubber plants are vulnerable to excessive dryness and do not tolerate drought well. 

Care: Fertilize monthly during the growing season; keep away from drafts to reduce leaf droppage

Details: Boasts oversized, oval-shaped leaves that are a rich emerald hue, and can grow quickly. Waxy-looking leaves that start out a pink-coral hue, eventually deepening to a dark rich green. 

Not pet friendly