Lilac New Age White

#3 Lilac New Age White

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Latin Name: Syringa vulgaris ‘G13103’

Height: 4 – 6 feet

Spread: 4 – 6 feet

Sunlight: Full Sun

Bloom Time: April to May

Hardiness Zone: 4-7

Responding to requests for smaller lilacs, this compact old-fashioned lilac was bred. Its white buds open to fragrant white blooms. Each 5-inch-long inflorescence is made up of about 100 or so blooms. The best time to prune your lilac is shortly after it finishes blooming. Plant in a location that has well-drained soil; after establishment, it is drought tolerant. The flowers are often used cut fresh and scent many different products, such as candles and soaps. This newer lilac can be grown in outdoor containers.

Attracts: Bees; Butterflies

Other Names: Bloomables® Lilac; Common Lilac