#3 Grass Blue Grama Blonde Ambition

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Latin Name: Bouteloua gracilis 'Blonde Ambition' 

Height: 2 - 3 feet

Spread: 2 - 3 feet

Sunlight: Full Sun

Bloom Time: June to August

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Grama Grass gives a unique texture to any perennial bed with its unique seed heads. The chartreuse summer flowers give way to blonde seed heads in August that often remain through winter. The blue-green foliage changes to a golden brown in autumn and will often feature hues of oranges and reds. Cut back in mid-spring as the new green shoots begin to sprout. Being native to dry shortgrass prairies of the west, this cultivar will tolerate dry soils. Flower and seed spikes can be dried and used in a variety of floral décor. 

Attracts: Butterflies; Birds

Other Names: Mosquito Grass