Elderberry Laced Up

#3 Elderberry Laced Up

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Latin Name: Sambucus nigra 'SNR1292'

Height: 6 - 10 feet

Spread: 4 - 6 feet

Sunlight: Full Sun; Part Sun; Part Shade

Bloom Time: June to July

Hardiness Zone: 4-7


Lace-like purple-black foliage covers the Laced Up Elderberry all summer long. Its columnar habit makes it a better fit for many gardens due to not getting as wide. Stems typically grow "broomstick straight." Lemon-scented pink flowers will give way to black berries if a suitable pollinator plant is within range. Pruning should occur as needed right after flowering. One can also cut back any errant shoots as discovered. Pollinators include Black Beauty and Black Lace, among other varieties. This elderberry prefers moist to wet soils but will tolerate dry soils.

Attracts: Bees; Butterflies; Birds

Other Names: European Elder; Black Elder; Strait Laced

**Please note these plants may be late to arrive or fill out. These plants may be dormant if fulfilled before LATE MAY.