Dogwood Arctic Fire Red

#3 Dogwood Arctic Fire Red

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Latin Name: Cornus stolonifera 'Farrow'

Height: 3 - 5 feet

Spread: 3 - 5 feet

Sunlight: Full Sun; Part Sun; Part Shade

Bloom Time: May to June

Hardiness Zone: 2-7

Arctic Fire Red Dogwood has beautiful red stems and a compact, dwarf habit. The intense red of the stems really shines in winter sunlight, creating a sensational show. Clusters of small white flowers occur in spring, different in appearance compared to those of the trees. These give way to white berries that the birds will enjoy as soon as they are ripe. Fall color is a gorgeous red. This shrub tolerates multiple soil and light conditions. Prune the oldest third of the stems to the ground each year to continue the bright red color year after year. Artic Fire Dogwoods are nativars. Flowers, twigs, and berries can all be cut for various décor. 

Attracts: Butterflies; Birds

Other Names: Red-Osier Dogwood; Red Osier