Yarrow Sunny Seduction

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Latin Name: Achillea millefolium 'Sunny Seduction'

Height: 15 - 30 inches

Spread: 12 - 24 inches

Sunlight: Full Sun; Part Sun; Part Shade

Bloom Time: June to September

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Sunny Seduction Yarrow features bright lemon yellow colored flowers that fade to pastel yellow, sitting just on top of the grey-ish green ferny leaves. Great for a cut flower or dried flower art, this plant is an excellent addition to rock gardens, cutting gardens, beds, and containers. It is drought tolerant and prefers hot sun. The foliage is fragrant. While it is a low maintenance plant, cutting back the spent blooms and foliage can lead to the production of fresh foliage and flowers. It was naturalized in the United States centuries ago, thus being considered a nativar today.

Attracts: Bees; Butterflies

Other Names: Common Yarrow; Milfoil; Thousand Leaves; Thousandleaf; Devil's Nettle