Fern Japanese Painted Crested Surf

#1 Fern Japanese Painted Crested Surf

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Latin Name: Athyrium niponicum 'Crested Surf'

Height: 20 - 22 inches

Spread: 28 - 30 inches

Sunlight: Part Sun; Part Shade; Full Shade

Hardiness Zone: 3-8


A rare departure from the deep greens of the shade garden, the Japanese Painted fern has seemingly hand painted airy fronds. The silvery tips almost seem metallic against the reddish-purple veins and stems. The Crested Surf Fern varies from the original Japanese Painted Fern by having tips that are double crested (branched). The coloration of the fronds is best with some sun and make an excellent addition to cut floral arrangements. It will also add a unique twist to shady containers. Cut back the old foliage once the new fronds are 6 inches tall. 

Other Names: Athyrium japonicum; Black Lady Fern; Oriental Ladyfern; Deparia japonica