Bee Balm Sugar Buzz Grape Gumball

#1 Bee Balm Sugar Buzz Grape Gumball

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Latin Name: Monarda didyma ‘Grape Gumball’

Height: 14 – 24 inches

Spread: 16 – 32 inches

Sunlight: Full Sun; Part Sun

Bloom Time: July to August

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Grape Gumball Bee Balm features hot pink flowers that are a huge draw to pollinators! The dark green foliage has better than average powdery mildew resistance. Both the blooms and the foliage are aromatic, with scents of mint when crushed. Flowers are often used in floral arrangements. Bee Balm varieties are nativars. 

Attracts: Bees; Butterflies; Hummingbirds

Other Names: Bergamot; Beebalm; Oswego Tea