Cranesbill Max Frei

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Latin Name: Geranium sanguineum 'Max Frei'

Height: 6 - 8 inches

Spread: 10 - 18 inches

Sunlight: Full Sun; Part Sun; Part Shade

Bloom Time: May to August

Hardiness Zone: 3-8


Max Frei Cranesbill has masses of beautiful fuchsia flowers with white eyes at the ends of the stems. When planted in masses, its compact and trailing habit makes for a statement across the ground, or over the side of a wall or container. Its deeply cut lobed palmate leaves are dark green in color, turning a gorgeous red in autumn. Deadhead to maintain shape and to encourage this perennial to continue blooming all season long.

Attracts: Butterflies

Other Names: Hardy Geranium; Bloody Cranesbill; Perennial Geranium