Lavender Hidcote Blue

#1 Lavender Hidcote Blue

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Latin Name: Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'

Height: 12 - 24 inches

Spread: 12 - 24 inches

Sunlight: Full Sun

Bloom Time: June to September

Hardiness Zone: 4-11


Reliably perennial, Hidcote is the perfect addition to northern gardens. With tall, purple spikes of flowers, this lavender is a huge pollinator and will attract bees and butterflies alike. Its foliage is a gray-green color. Deadhead to promote reblooming. Cut back in spring to rejuvenate growth of the plant. Use of lavender is widespread, used both cut and dried for floral arrangements. Its fragrance is also used in soaps, candles, and more. Lavenders hate wet winter soil and require a location that is well-drained year round. Because of this, it is often recommended to plant in rock gardens. It can also be grown in a container.

Attracts: Bees; Butterflies

Other Names: English Lavender; Lavendula