Arborvitae Fire Chief

#3 Arborvitae Fire Chief

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Latin Name: Thuja occidentalis 'Congabe'

Height: 3 - 4 feet

Spread: 3 - 4 feet

Sunlight: Full Sun; Part Sun; Part Shade

Hardiness Zone: 3-7


A distinctive landscape evergreen for color effect, Fire Chief features showy reddish foliage at the tips when grown in full sun. It tends to be more greenish-orange when shaded. In autumn, the foliage takes on a deep red color. Excellent for color accent use in home gardens and landscapes, it should be protected from drying winds. This nativar has a mounding, upright habit and is great for mass plantings and landscape beds and borders. Low maintenance, this shrub seldom requires pruning.

Other Names: Eastern White Cedar