3.5" Orchid Multi Spike

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Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis Multiflora

Light:  Strong light but not late afternoon direct sunlight. 

Water: susceptible to root rot. Their roots are designed to uptake water quickly and then breathe so a lot of water is not required. They prefer regular periods of drying alternated with heavy watering. 

Care:  Orchids are not for the new plant parent. They are difficult to care for if their conditions are not met. Most orchids will need to be repotted into orchid bark media if it isn't already growing in it. 

Habit: Orchids are easy to spot because of their arcs of branches, called spikes, covered with softly colored blooms in solid colors or speckles. Their petals and sepals are typically found in groups of three. The bottom petal, usually called a lip or labellum, is shaped like that to host pollinators if grown outdoors.